Military Shielding

 Military Shielding

Frank Shields is a specialized company for designing, manufacturing, installing and testing various safety products related to Electromagnetic threats or blast forces that can occur from different kinds  of explosives  to protect military equipment and vulnerable communication systems.

The Shielding Expertise of Frank Shields:

 1. HEMP Shielding

 2. Anechoic Chambers.

 3.Radar Room Shielding.

 4.Data center shielding

 5.Bunker Shielding.

1. HEMP shielding

Designing and manufacturing components for (temporary) EMP shelters upgrades. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing components for (temporary) EMP shelters and build complete EMP bunkers and mobile communication shelters (trailers) to protect military equipment and vulnerable communication systems from the effects of electromagnetic interference(EMI).Our EMI shelters offer excellent protection against the potentially damaging effects of a high altitude electromagnetic pulses(HEMP) and harmful effects of electrical coupling that can be caused by Near Strike Lightning (NSL)

2. Anechoic Chambers

The anechoic chambers are Faraday cage designed to eliminate the reflective RF signals from the walls of the shield room from an equipment under test.There rooms are used for testing equipment and has a very high level RF attenuation and also comprises of rotating test table and antennae pick up interface to capture the signal levels at various points in the room. The chamber is constructed using the RF shielding system that provides high level RF shielding integrity, suitable for EMC testing to various standards specifically MIL STD 461E.

3. Radar Room shielding

In the present day, the environmental is full of electromagnetic pollution, sensitive and accurate measurements are often affected by RF noise. Frank shields provides shielded rooms to military and airports. These rooms provides shielding from such electromagnetic noises and will be controlled area controlled electromagnetic environment to perform good communication with terminals.

4. Data Center  shielding

Data centers are buzzing with various signals that essentially push each other around and compete for attention.  This will weaken speed and causes lot of corruption in data. The strong magnetic field created by outside power sources power line etc. even intentional can wipe out the valuable data and drives, this is where the importance of shielding comes int picture in a datacenter.

5. Bunker   shielding

Military uses bunkers to hide its sensitive equipment’s and personnel at a depth of 12 to 25 meters from the ground level, the bunker is shielded with radio frequency shielding so that powerful electromagnetic pulses from a nuclear bomb that may generate high transient voltages on the power line as well high energy pulses are absorbed and shielded efficiently.Frank shields designs such bunkers, manufactures, install and test these facilities before handing over.



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