Industrial Shielding

Industrial Shielding

Frank Shields is a specialized company for designing, manufacturing and  installation of test labs used for Nondestructive testing and also provides specific designed shielded rooms from industrial purpose.

2 SCIF Rooms Compartmented Information Facility

Frank Shields is a specialized company for designing, manufacturing, installing and testing Sensitive Compartmented Information System ( SCIFF Room).

SCIFF can be built as a secure room or a data center that guards against electronic surveillance and suppresses data leakage of sensitive security information. 

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SCIFs are used to deny unauthorized personnel, such as foreign intelligence services or corporate spies, the opportunity for undetected entry into facilities for the exploitation of sensitive activities.

    2 Anechoic Chambers 

    The anechoic chambers are Faraday cage designed to eliminate the reflective RF signals from the walls of the shield room from an equipment under test. There rooms are used for testing equipment and has a very high level RF attenuation and also comprises of rotating test table and antennae pick up interface to capture the signal levels at various points in the room. The chamber is constructed using the RF shielding system that provides high level RF shielding integrity, suitable for EMC testing to various standards specifically MIL STD 461E.

    Data Center  shielding

    Data centers are buzzing with various signals that essentially push each other around and compete for attention.  This will weaken speed and causes lot of corruption in data. The strong magnetic field created by outside power sources power line etc. even intentional can wipe out the valuable data and drives, this is where the importance of shielding comes int picture in a datacenter.

     NDT Test room shielding

    Frank shields has been offering shielding services for installing x-ray inspection systems for NDT (non-destructive testing) at many industrial facility in this region. These systems are primarily used for radioscopic inspection of components to detect defects in welding or mechanical characterizes of metals include cracks, corrosion, inclusions, and water intrusion. These systems are also used to inspect various densities of rock core taken out of oil wells to determine the details of oil deposits.The X-ray systems installed could be high energy X-ray or Linear accelerator. Frank shields also designs and installs power operated lead lined doors, with a safety interlocking system and remote control operations with the use of CCTV cameras to monitor procedures in such facilities.

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