MRI LED Display Monitor for Patient Relaxation

MRI LED Display Monitor for Patient Relaxation

Frank shields MRI compatible Display Monitors comes with standard screen sizes of 43” and 32”,  which can work in sensitive MRI suites.  The monitors can be mounted on the wall or on a custom designed MRI compatible trolley system from Frank shields which can move from the back to the front of the magnet  the room. 

The monitor is enclosed in a RF free non- magnetic stainless mill finish casing for easy maintenance and appearance. The interface module will be installed on the wall at the center of the side wall at a height of 30 cms from the floor. The interconnecting cable conduit is 6 meter long to enable to reach at the front as well the back wall of the RF room.

The converter module is mounted in the console room which accepts HDMI input and the same video will be played on the monitor installed inside the room.

  • MRI compatible Monitor: 43 inch.

  • Fiber Optic Cable 20 m

  • Video Input converter -HDMI

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