MRI Compatible Mood Lights

MRI Compatible Mood Lights

The Mood lights from Frank shields are designed for a MRI room to provide good ambient lighting with changing colors (RGB)and intensities, to create a soothing environment.

Frank shields mood light consists of RGB LED strips as a standard 30 meters length. The led lights are non ferrous RGB light strips mounted on Aluminium Housing. The LED strips are mounted as a interior architectural design lighting package. The LED lights are driven by our specially designed circuit, which drives current to the LED lights without creating any changing magnetic fields and any RF interference inside the MRI room.

The Mood light controller is installed outside the MRI room and connected to the lights through the dedicated filters provided with the system.

The user is also provided with a remote control for swapping colors or sequence and adjusting the intensity of lighting.

The RGB module can be configured with the video signal where the color pattern of the RGB follows the video signal like the ambient but the remote will be disconnected.

The standard mood light configuration consists of the following.

  • RGB strip 30 meters

  • RGB remote Control

  • RGB driver and controller unit

  • RF filter for RGB 4 Nos

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