Lead Doors

Lead Doors
Frank shields are well versed in making lead lined doors which are used in X ray rooms and radiation therapy rooms etc .We are having our own dedicated technical team who are professional with good experience.The lead lined doors comes with various lead thickness and different finishes.

The doors are mainly classified into the following types.

  • Wooden Doors.

  • Steel Doors.

The type of operation that can be chosen from the following .

    • Manual Swinging Door.

      • Manual Sliding Door.

        • Automated Swinging Door.
        • Automated Sliding Door.

        Our innovative doors are well equipped with branded automation which provide smoothest and quietest movement and they will not leave their tracks.Frank shields can work in the coordinationwith hospital consultant to design the door. This process enables to have lead lined doors to meet the similar finish & dimension of the existing hospital doors.

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