Does Frank Shields provide a guarantee on RF Shielding / EMI Shielding by Frank Shields?
Yes. Frank Shields make RF shield enclosures comes with a basic one year warranty.
What is magnetic shielding?
Magnetic shielding of an area is the process in which a magnetic field is excluded from a certain area by deliberately redirecting its field lines. This is done by the installation of special magnetic shielding metals.
What is the type of RF door which will be used in the Frank Shields make RF shield enclosure?
Frank Shields manufacture customized RF doors in our manufacturing facility. RF doors are made of different materials including stainless steel, Aluminium and copper and are structurally sound while being quite easy to operate due to the use of specially engineered iron mongeries. Frank Shields make RF door and handles and locks have the same appearance and functionality of standard commercial doors but are actually RF performance iron mongeries specially made for our heavy duty RF doors. 
Does Frank Shields RF shield enclosure meet all RF shield attenuation specifications?
Yes. The RF shield enclosure meets or exceeds all specifications for RF shielded enclosures.
How to bring electrical power into the RF Shield enclosure?
Frank Shields supply electrical power line filters for each different circuits entering the RF shield enclosure. These filters are connected and are bolted by Frank Shield to the outside of the RF enclosure and penetrate the RF enclosure leaving connections on both sides of the room for electrical wiring.
What is the thickness of RF Shielding / EMI Shielding by Frank Shields?
The shield thickness and materials used by Frank's shields varies from 1.5mm to 3mm. They are made from galvanized iron and aluminum, which are selected based on the specifications of the Radio Frequency shield.
How long will it take to install RF Shielding / EMI Shielding by Frank Shields?
Based on the size of room and the design, a typical RF shielding / EMI Shielding manufactured and installed by Frank Shields will take between 10-15 days to install. Frank Shields also installs larger RF shielding / EMI Shielding for industrial or defense applications that may take longer period of project execution based on the project requirements at site.
What are the purposes of RF shielding / EMI Shielding in medical imaging?
RF shielding / EMI Shielding of an MRI scanning machine serves two purposes. (a) Block the external electromagnetic radiation from polluting or distorting the MRI signal. (b) Prevent the electromagnetic radiation generated by the MRI scanning machine from causing interference in the medical devices which are present in the vicinity.
What is RF Shielding/ EMI Shielding?
RF Shielding/ EMI Shielding is the use of manufacturing techniques and materials to protect signals from being disrupted by external electromagnetic signals as well as preventing the generated signals from interfering with surrounding components.

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